Grass Fed Beef

Our goal for our livestock is that they only have one bad day. All of our raised with freedom to run, dig, wallow, graze and live as they should.

We began raising cattle for meat in 2009. Our first steer was actually a Holstein named Gus...we fell in love with Gus and could not eat him.  So....Now we raise strictly Angus cows which are bred to handsome Hereford Bulls and rasie their own calves naturally!

Grass Fed

Our Beef is 100% Grass Fed.  We never supplement with grains or any feed.  During winter the cows only receive our best hay from fields of orchard grass, fescue, rye, vetch, and clover.  They do get treats during garden season...cows love love fresh bean stalks and corn husks! 


Grass Fed Beef has less fat than corn based diet beef. This is a good thing. Not only are the nutritional benefits higher but the taste is unbelievable!

Watch Me Grow!

When we started raising Beef we only had Holstein steers that were first raised on the bottle..
Now we let nature take its course. We have Angus cows who were bred to a Hereford Bull (Rooster (sire 2012/2013) Wallace (Sire 14/15.

Where to purchase

Order meats and eggs daily by sending us an email or: 

Our Farm Store
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