2010 we purchased our first 3 goats...and the farm has never been the same!   Goats are some of the most interesteing creatures that we have ever worked with. 

All Natural

Our Goats are raised on an all natural diet of mainly seasonal forages such as clover, Rye, Fescue, Orchard, Vetch, and receive vegetables and vegetable plants during garden season! They are given grains while expecting and lactating. 

Watch me Grow!

The Goats are Boer goats and Nubians. The Boer and Nubian cross males are raised for their meat while the females are kept for their milk and also as pasture companions for our cattle.  Keeping goats with our cattle have proven to keep parasite numbers down naturally and also keep clean, weed free pastures. 


Goat meat is very lean meat but the cuts can be as delicious as a Filet Mignon!  Slow cook for a tender roast, have chops instead of lamb, or have a burger! If you would like recipes for goat let us know..we have plenty from friends all over the world that would rather cook with goat instead of beef or pork! 

Where to Purchase

Order meats and eggs daily by sending us an email or:

Our Farm Store
Saturday 10am-4pm
Tuesday 6pm-8pm
Thursday 6pm-8pm

Also try our Goat Burgers at the Saxapahaw General Store and Mebane Downtown Table!

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