Pasture Pork

Our Pasture Pork is raised 100% all natural and are not confined...our pigs throughout their entire lives with us on the Farm. We raise Duroc and Berkshire mix which are hardy for outside life and give us the perfect fat/lean meat ratio for delicious earthy tasting cuts. 

Breeding to Market

Our Duroc/Berkshire pigs are outside from birth until the day they are processed.  The Sows are kept in a pasture hooked to a barn so they can farrow inside the barn no matter the weather.  NO iron shots are given at birth, we do NOT dock tails, cut teeth....all natural and pastured. 

Humanely     Raised

We say all the time..I think the pigs eat better than we do! Its true! Our pigs get a wide variety of fresh vegetables, fruits, breads and 100% organic spent wheat grain from the Topo Distillery in Chapel HIll, NC.
When the Sows are farrowing or near their diets are supplemented with spent grain to insure the Sow will gain the proper weight and insure she can lactate to the needs of the piglets.  These pigs are raised completely outside in pasture with a barn they use freely. During the Summer you will notice their lovely "swimming holes" all in the pastures for their enjoyment.

The Meat

Pasture Pork tastes better. There is nothing better then fresh sausage from a pig that has lived outdoors, eats fresh vegetables, fruits, and grains everyday.  You will notice the fat when you cook is not a hard (corn based diet) fat but a soft, delicious, cooks up crispy fat. 

Where to purchase

Order meats and eggs daily by sending us an email or:
Our Farm Store
Saturday 10am-4pm
Tuesday 6pm-8pm
Thursday 6pm-8pm


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